2017-11-05James: An IntroductionJames 1:1-4Matt Euseydownload
2017-10-29Reformation Sunday Service 2017Galatians 3:10-14Matt Euseydownload
2017-10-29Sola Scriptura: Scripture Alone2 Thessalonians 2:13-15Matt Euseydownload
2017-10-22Sola Fide: Faith AloneGalatians 2:15-21Matt Euseydownload
2017-10-01Sola Gratia: By Grace AloneEphesians 2:1-10Matt Euseydownload
2017-09-24The Gospel According to Ruth: ConclusionRuth 4:17-22Matt Euseydownload
2017-09-17The Gospel According to Ruth: The BridegroomRuth 4:13-17Matt Euseydownload
2017-09-10The Gospel According to Ruth: The TransactionRuth 4:1-12Matt Euseydownload
2017-09-03The Gospel According to Ruth: The Nearer RedeemerRuth 4:1-6Matt Euseydownload
2017-08-27The Gospel According to Ruth: The WaitingRuth 3:16-18Matt Euseydownload
2017-08-20The Gospel According to Ruth: Invisible to HiddenRuth 3:1-16Matt Euseydownload
2017-08-13Out of the DepthsPsalm 130Matt Euseydownload
2017-08-06The QuestionPsalm 15Joel Zakahidownload
2017-07-30The Gospel According to Ruth: Working and WaitingRuth 3:1-5Matt Euseydownload
2017-07-23The Gospel According to Ruth: The Sweetness of MercyRuth 2:17-23Matt Euseydownload
2017-07-16A Double MiracleJohn 9:1-17Joel Zakahidownload
2017-07-09The Gospel According to Ruth: Duty, Rights and GraceRuth 2:1-17Matt Euseydownload
2017-07-02The Gospel According to Ruth: As it HappenedRuth 2:1-3Matt Euseydownload
2017-06-25The Gospel According to Ruth: BitternessRuth 1:16-22Matt Euseydownload
2017-06-18The Gospel According to Ruth: Hope DawnsRuth 1:6-18Matt Euseydownload
2017-06-11The Bath or the BasinJohn 13:1-12Dr. Liam Goligherdownload
2017-06-04Our God Who Does Not ChangeHebrews 6:13-20Brandon Edmondsdownload
2017-05-28The Gospel According to Ruth: When the Counterfeit is ExposedRuth 1:1-7Matt Euseydownload
2017-05-14The Gospel According to Ruth: The Darkest of DaysRuth 1:1Matt Euseydownload
2017-05-07Galatians: PeaceGalatians 6:14-18Matt Euseydownload
2017-04-30Galatians: A New CreationGalatians 6:11-16Matt Euseydownload
2017-04-23An Ordinary Miracle2 Kings 5:1-15John Kimdownload
2017-04-16The Center of All ThingsLuke 24:13-27, 44-48Matt Euseydownload
2017-04-09Galatians: Motives and MedicineGalatians 6:11-16Matt Euseydownload
2017-04-02Galatians: From Here to EternityGalatians 6:6-10Matt Euseydownload
2017-03-26Galatians: Practicing HumilityGalatians 6:2-5Matt Euseydownload
2017-03-19Galatians: How Do We Deal With "Sinners?"Galatians 6:1Matt Euseydownload
2017-03-12Galatians: The Gardener of GraceGalatians 5:16-26Matt Euseydownload
2017-03-05Galatians: The Fruit of UnbeliefGalatians 5:16-21Matt Euseydownload
2017-02-19Galatians: The Hope of RighteousnessGalatians 5:1-15Matt Euseydownload
2017-02-12Galatians: FreedomGalatians 4:21-31Matt Euseydownload
2017-02-05Galatians: So Many (non) GodsGalatians 4:8-20Matt Euseydownload
2017-01-29The Transforming Power of God's Grace1 Corinthians 15:9-10Pete Andersondownload
2017-01-22Hearts Which Desire WarJames 4:1-6Matt Euseydownload
2017-01-15Christ Our KingEphesians 1:3-14Matt Euseydownload
2017-01-08Galatians: Sons of GodGalatians 4:1-7Matt Euseydownload
2017-01-01Galatians: The Victory of the LawGalatians 3:23-29Matt Euseydownload
2016-12-18Advent: The Love of the Suffering ServantIsaiah 52:13-53:12Matt Euseydownload
2016-12-04Advent: The Son of David2 Samuel 7:1-17Matt Euseydownload
2016-11-27Advent: HopeGenesis 22:1-19Matt Euseydownload
2016-11-13Galatians: The CurseGalatians 3:10-14Matt Euseydownload
2016-11-06Galatians: The Folly of the FleshGalatians 3:1-9Matt Euseydownload
2016-10-30Reformation Sunday Service: 2016Galatians 2:15-21Matt Euseydownload
2016-10-30Galatians: Believe This and Live ForeverGalatians 2:15-21Matt Euseydownload
2016-10-23Galatians: Love Rejoices with the TruthGalatians 2:11-14Matt Euseydownload
2016-10-16Galatians: Practical UnityGalatians 2:1-10Matt Euseydownload
2016-10-09Galatians: Just Another TestimonyGalatians 1:10-24Matt Euseydownload
2016-10-02God is Not Finished1 Kings 19:1-21Brandon Edmondsdownload
2016-09-25Galatians: Needless GraceGalatians 1:1-10Matt Euseydownload
2016-09-18Galatians: IntroductionGalatians 1:1-5Matt Euseydownload
2016-09-11Jonah: The Heart of the LordJonah 4:5-11Matt Euseydownload
2016-09-04Jonah: When Mercy ReplusesJonah 4:1-4Matt Euseydownload
2016-08-28Jonah: The Power of the WordJonah 3:3-10Matt Euseydownload
2016-08-21Jonah: Grace ReturnsJonah 3:1-3Matt Euseydownload
2016-08-14Jonah: Understanding Leading to GratitudeJonah 2:1-10Matt Euseydownload
2016-07-31Jonah: ConversionJonah 1:11-15Matt Euseydownload
2016-07-24Jonah: Empty WordsJonah 1:7-10Matt Euseydownload
2016-07-10Jonah: Discovering God's HeartJonah 1:1-3Matt Euseydownload
2016-07-03The Gospel of Mark: The Glorious SurpriseMark 16:1-8Matt Euseydownload
2016-06-26The Gospel of Mark: The Burial of the Son of GodMark 15:40-47Matt Euseydownload
2016-06-12The Gospel of Mark: The Crucifixion, Part 1Mark 15:16-32Matt Euseydownload
2016-06-05The Gospel of Mark: Despised and Rejected by MenMark 15:1-15Matt Euseydownload
2016-05-29The Gospel of Mark: A False ConfessionMark 14:66-72Matt Euseydownload
2016-05-22The Gospel of Mark: Justice BlindMark 14:53-65Matt Euseydownload
2016-05-15The Gospel of Mark: BetrayalMark 14:43-52Matt Euseydownload
2016-05-08CounselingEcclesiastes 7:1-12Nate Walkerdownload
2016-05-01The Law and the GospelMatthew 22:34-46Nate Walkerdownload
2016-04-24Going Out on a LimbLuke 19:1-10John Kimdownload
2016-04-03Holy Relationships1 Kings 18:20-40Kevin McCartydownload
2016-03-27Resurrection1 Corinthians 15:1-4,12-26Matt Euseydownload
2016-03-20The King Has ComeLuke 19:28-41Matt Euseydownload
2016-03-06The Gospel of Mark: The Lord's Supper, part 3Mark 14:22-25; 1 Corinthians 11:23-26Matt Euseydownload
2016-02-28The Gospel of Mark: The Lord's Supper, part 2Mark 14:22-25; 1 Corinthians 11:23-26Matt Euseydownload
2016-02-21The Gospel of Mark: The Lord's Supper, part 1Mark 14:22-31Matt Euseydownload
2016-02-14The Gospel of Mark: BetrayalMark 14:10-21Matt Euseydownload
2016-02-07The Gospel of Mark: ValueMark 14:1-11Matt Euseydownload
2016-01-30The Gospel of Mark: The Olivet Discourse, Part 3Mark 13:28-37Matt Euseydownload
2016-01-24Peace in the WhirlwindHabakkuk 3:17-19Matt Euseydownload
2016-01-10The Gospel of Mark: The Olivet Discourse, Part 2Mark 13:14-27Matt Euseydownload
2016-01-03The Gospel of Mark: The Olivet Discourse, Part 1Mark 13:1-13Matt Euseydownload
2015-12-27From Where Does Your Help ComePsalm 121Matt Euseydownload
2015-12-20Love is the Reason1 John 4:7-12John Kimdownload
2015-12-13JoyPhilippians 4:4-7Matt Euseydownload
2015-12-06PeaceIsaiah 52:13-53:12Matt Euseydownload
2015-11-29HopeGalatians 2:15-21Matt Euseydownload
2015-11-22The Gospel of Mark: Love and MoneyMark 12:38-44Matt Euseydownload
2015-11-15The Gospel of Mark: David's Eternal SonMark 12:35-37Matt Euseydownload
2015-11-08The Gospel of Mark: The Greatest CommandmentMark 12:28-34Matt Euseydownload
2015-11-01The Gospel of Mark: Resurrection and GlorificationMark 12:24-27Matt Euseydownload
2015-10-25Reformation Sunday Service: Sola FideGalatians 2:15-21Matt Euseydownload
2015-10-18The Gospel of Mark: The Real KingMark 12:13-17Matt Euseydownload
2015-10-11The Gospel of Mark: Marvelous In Our EyesMark 11:27-12:12Matt Euseydownload
2015-10-04Gardener of GraceGalatians 5:16-26Matt Euseydownload
2015-09-27The Gospel of Mark: Perfect WrathMark 11:11-25Matt Euseydownload
2015-09-20The Gospel of Mark: Perfect HumilityMark 11:1-11Matt Euseydownload
2015-09-13The Gospel of Mark: Blind & BeggingMark 10:46-52Matt Euseydownload
2015-09-06There's No Place Like HomeHebrews 11:13-16John Kimdownload
2015-08-30Treasuring our TreasureMatthew 13:44-46John Kimdownload
2015-08-23The Gospel of Mark: GloryMark 10:35-45Matt Euseydownload
2015-08-09The Gospel of Mark: Hundredfold BlessingsMark 10:28-31Matt Euseydownload
2015-08-02The Gospel of Mark: Goodness, Wealth and the Kingdom of GodMark 10:17-27Matt Euseydownload
2015-07-26The Gospel of Mark: The Kingdom of ChildrenMark 10:13-16Matt Euseydownload
2015-07-19The Gospel of Mark: DivorceMark 10:1-12Matt Euseydownload
2015-07-12The Gospel of Mark: Salt and FireMark 9:38-50Matt Euseydownload
2015-07-05The Gospel of Mark: GreatnessMark 9:30-37Matt Euseydownload
2015-06-28The Gospel of Mark: The Object of FaithMark 9:14-29Matt Euseydownload